What It Feels Like Having a Mustache


2 Responses to What It Feels Like Having a Mustache

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  2. j.hibey says:

    So I got inspired this year, this being my third year growing a mustache for kids in washington dc. I said, how could I possibly up the enty on my last year costume of mark spitz in speedo and gold chains only…

    well I made a song and a music video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLCHKQuTAuQ

    and i sent it to my guys in DC to help them RAISE awareness and then I was like, shit, every man growing a mustache in the world should see this video, for inspiration, for love, for romance, so I am sending it to you to disperse to the other mustache growers so they can send it to their possible donors so m4k can DOMINATE all over the world, not just DC.

    So send it out to your people and tell them to send it out to their possible donors….I know it’s tough to ask for money, but it’s a lot easier if you can make em laugh first.


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