The Great Shave Off is TONIGHT!!!!

I can’t believe it’s been a year already, where does the time go. I know one ambitious guy would like to save it in a bottle.

This years Great Shave Off takes places at Houston’s historic Leon’s Lounge at 9 pm followed by Vinyl Ranch at 10 pm.

If you cannot make it to the Great Shave Off don’t fret, it doesn’t mean you can take part – You Can! If you cannot make it please do me a favor and take a picture similar to the one on the right and send it to me to jason [@]

954024Jordan, our man in France, so far is the first one to get under way and sent us this photo from the land that gave us that giant lady with the torch in NYC where from what he says they do not have Joe the Plumber but ‘Marcel the guy with bread under his armpit.’

Have You Set Up Your Personal Grow/Giving Page Yet?

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Direction to Leon’s Lounge

Turns out Jordan is actually in Brazil and was quoting a line from a prank that some DJ’s in Montreal did to Sarah Palin.

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