Mustaches For Kids Houston 2.0

Can you believe it’s already been a year since our first ever Mustaches for Kids fundraiser in good ole Houston Texas. Last year was a blast growing and raising money and we capped it off with a fun Sweetest Stache Bash where the title went to Boots Electric!

IMG_7184Together we raised close to $8,000 for Texas Children’s Hospital and this year we hope to blow that number away.

We are switching gears this year to help ‘spread the wealth’ of funds raised. Mustaches for Kids has teamed up with Donors Choose to help out with area schools and teachers that need help in the classroom.

Donors Choose

What is Donors Choose? In a nutshell(and it’s their tagline) Teachers ask. You choose. Students Learn. Expanding on that DC is a website where teachers can ask the community for donations by donating money so teachers can purchase learning materials that the city or state cannot afford. There are so many classes in our area that need learning materials so there is no shortage of options. Each grower this year will have their own ‘Giving Page’ on Donors Choose that will help their own donors choose what classrooms they want to help. Setting it up is a snap. In fact here is my personal Giving Page.

We have a growers kit that explains how to do this(see page 4) and you can get the Growers Kit here or on the top right of this site.

Donors Choose has teamed up with us to handle all of the logistics and leave us to do what we do best – grow mustaches. Houston is one of a few M4K cities to heed the call to join DC this year and in return DC has setup a M4K leader board by city page. You know what that means – It’s ON.

Last year the smelly town of Chicago challenged us to a stache-off to see who could raise the most money. I don’t remember the actual numbers and its been a year so I’m just going to go ahead and say we won, we may not have but if my memory serves me conveniently then we won! This year is going to be harder as the numbers are on a website and they don’t lie so lets let the other cities know we came to grow.

When does it all begin?

We will have our shave off November 7th at a location to be disclosed soon. We will then meet every Friday until our Sweetest Stache Bash on December 5th.

Mustache Check Point Dates This Year

  1. November 7th – Shave OFF
  2. November 14th – First Week Support Meeting or Don’t Worry Your Hair Will Come
  3. November 21st – Second Week or Wow You Are Starting to Look Creepy
  4. November 28th – Third Week or Wow You Are Starting to Look Sexy
  5. December 5th – Sweetest Stache Bash

For more information on Mustaches for Kids check out our About Page

For more information on the Houston Chapter please read this blog post from last year. It explains everything you need to know about growing and staying safe and sexy

Why Are We Doing This?

In case you forgot why we are doing this please let Randy Watson and Sexual Chocolate remind you


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