Beards – Are They In Or Out?

I’m sure the question will come up this grow season – Can I grow a beard and still compete in the competition? Last year as our inaugural year and rules were bent so people wouldn’t endure any public ‘ridicule’ over just having a mustache. This year isn’t the case. Rules are rules I say and rules need to be followed this year and it’s simple – Shave your facial hair so that only the mustache is growing once a week. NO ONE will be allowed to compete if they grow a beard and either shave just before the competition or not shave into a mustache at all.

Just so we are clear this is what happens when you grow a beard


3 Responses to Beards – Are They In Or Out?

  1. Jordan says:

    So when does all this rigamarole start? My stache is just itching (no pun intended) to be grown.

  2. Matthew Wettergreen says:

    Ah, the vacation beard. It’ll get you every time.

  3. I will have the schedule and meetup dates very shortly.

    In the meantime give those follicles the love they deserve. Massage them, talk sexy to them. Give them the Barry White they need

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