Houston – We Did It! $7805.25 for Texas Children’s Hospital

The Houston chapter of Mustaches for Kids was able to raise $7805.25 in its inaugural year for Texas Children’s Hospital Cancer Center! Thanks to all the growers, donators and volunteers who made our first annual event the success that it was.

For more pictures of the hilarious hi-jinks please visit our Flickr page. If you have photos of the night please add them to the group and tag them m4khouston.


Sweet Stache Competition – Results

It was a hard fought night. We had early, mid and late round bribing which resulted in a final round tie-breaker. Crowd favorite ‘Boots Electric’ was paired against Stache the ‘big bank’ Kid. In the end it was attitude not money that made Boots the true winner. Sure he may have not had the hairiest or the longest stache but he nailed every round of competition to be deemed the Sweetest Stache.

adam1Ladies and Gentlemen I give you Mustaches for Kids Houston’s first Sweetest Stache winner Adam ‘Boots Electric’ Sandoval.

Adam simply outclassed every other competitor. He outshone them in the introduction, beer foam retention, touch test, Q & A, mustache sonnet reading and the dance-off/pose down and he did it all with a touch of class that makes Houston proud that he was our first.

Stache the Kid, who made it into the final round on a Benjamin, almost did not go home empty handed; he donated his trophy to the Stag’s Head Pub and arguably the best mustache of the night B-Rad.

The night was filled with lots of hi-jinks; Zorro, clearly the least hairiest also bribed his way into farther rounds. Indiana Jones started off the night with a dozen roses for each judge. My personal favorite, for Burt Reynolds reasons alone, was Ryan who came as the ‘Bandit’. Bandit entered the room for his introduction with something to appease the gods and the judges – a PUPPY!

bandit Sadly Bandit couldn’t deliver in the Q & A section and was voted out by the judges.

All and all everyone competing and in the crowd had a blast and together we made a difference!

Mustaches for Kids would like to thanks Imageset Houston for donating the large check you see above. You have a big heart Imageset, thank you very much!

Stay tuned for the video and complete run down of competitors

p.s. please, don’t ever let me wear this again


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  1. Jenny says:


    I’m so fricking bummed I missed it.

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