Tonight’s the Night – It All Comes Down to This

Who will be the winner? Will it be you? Tonight is going to be a blast, I can’t wait to see how much money we raised for Texas Children’s Hospital Cancer Center.

If you aren’t growing come on out and have a great time at the expense of several selfless men who went the distance, looking extremely ridiculous along the way. We have lost some, including one JUST YESTERDAY, but we have raised some money for a good cause. Cancer is a horrible disease and most of these kids do not even get a chance to do any of the things we take for granted. Lets show them that there are people in this city who care about them; dig real deep into your pockets and give to a great cause, they deserve it.

Below is all the information you or anyone else needs to know about Mustaches for Kids Houston and our Sweetest Stache competition.


Saturday December 15


8 pm – 11pm


Stags Head Pub

2128 Portsmouth st

Houston TX 77098

Mustaches for Kids Houston info


Upcoming Event Sign Up

Facebook Group

Facebook Event Sign Up

My Information

Jason McElweenie

713 591 5408

Great Mustaches in History

Burt Reynolds

Oh sure you’re probably thinking that Tom Selleck has the greatest mustache in history but I beg to differ. Burt ‘Bandit’ Reynolds appealed to all sexes. He’s had ladies swooning and gay men dreaming all with the manliest of staches! As I stated in the Houstonist story on Mustaches for Kids that the lovely Katie Laird wrote;

Favorite celebrity mustache? The obvious choice is Tom Selleck but I’m going to have to go with Burt Reynolds. That stache may hold the secrets of the known world. When Burt passes, god bless his soul, his stache should go on display at all the major museums. First the Louvre, then perhaps the Sistine Chapel. It should meet with heads of state, dine with royalty, drive for one NASCAR season and eventually become secretary of the defense.

I really hope some of this happens, especially Secretary of Defense. How cool would that be?

Burt, M4K Houston salutes you and your unwavering dedication to the stache. Tonight is dedicated to you



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