Two Days!!!

My mustache and I had a conversation last night and it said it can’t wait to dance along with all the other staches on Saturday night. ‘I know’ I said, it was a magical time.

Below is all the information you or anyone else needs to know about Mustaches for Kids Houston and our Sweetest Stache competition.


Saturday December 15


8 pm – 11pm


Stags Head Pub

2128 Portsmouth st

Houston TX 77098

Mustaches for Kids Houston info


Upcoming Event Sign Up

Facebook Group

Facebook Event Sign Up

My Information

Jason McElweenie

713 591 5408

Inspirational Video

Although this video is 8 minutes long it captures probably the best mustache party ever had. Filmed in Lake Tahoe on New Years Eve it features some of the finest staches ever committed


Great Mustaches in History

There have been many mustaches in rock but only one rises above all alse

Frank Zappa

Frank Zappa lived a short and very productive life, releasing 57 main albums and 18 subsequent ones. For those playing along at home that makes 75!



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