Holy hump day Batman! Today is the 3 day mark for our Sweetest Stache competition. Can you believe its already been 4 weeks? You should already know who or what you are coming as. I’ve heard some of the ideas and I can’t wait for Saturday.

Below is all the information you or anyone else needs to know about Mustaches for Kids Houston and our Sweetest Stache competition.


Saturday December 15


8 pm – 11pm


Stags Head Pub

2128 Portsmouth st

Houston TX 77098

Mustaches for Kids Houston info



Upcoming Event Sign Up


Facebook Group


Facebook Event Sign Up


My Information

Jason McElweenie


713 591 5408

Great Mustaches in History

I’ve been told throughout this journey that, especially when I wear a baseball hat, I look like a relief picture so in honour of this I decided to point out the best mustache in relief pitcher history.

Rich ‘Goose’ Gossage

Goose was quite simply the ‘heat.’ As a relief pitcher he employed one pitch – the fastball. He could throw a couple other pitches but Goose was a power thrower and as accurate as a bullet. Throwing in the 98-102 mph range Goose would routinely bean a hitter if he crowded the plate too much. Manning the mound for the great Yankee teams of the late 70’s – early 80’s Goose also holds the distinction of being the last pitcher to strike out Pete Rose, his last at bat. One thing that remained constant in Gooses’ 22 year career was his stache and for that – We Salute You Goose Gossage, well played.



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