Check Point/Stache Bash


This Friday marks our last check point before next Saturday’s Sweet Stache Competition and to make matters even more interesting Vinyl Ranch is having a ‘Flache your Stache’ bash the same night.

Dave Wrangler of Vinyl Ranch has put together a meeting of the staches this Friday at Leon’s Lounge. It doesn’t start till 10pm so that will give us plenty of time to admire each others progress at Stag’s Head. We will still meet up this Friday at 7pm. We can get together to formulate a plan to see how much we can raise at Leon’s. I personally challenge all of you to see who can walk out of the bar with the most pledges. We will probably have the second best staches there. The owner, the one with the white stache below, has a kick ass one!

Work that Stache!

Leon’s Lounge AKA The Handlebar
1006 McGowen st
Houston TX 77002


dec vinyl ranch


One Response to Check Point/Stache Bash

  1. Monica says:

    can’t friggin’ wait! how perfect is this match up! can’t wait to see all the staches!

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