Mustache Check Point is TONIGHT!

Tonight officially marks the halfway point of our journey. I hope you can all make it out tonight! Our lip forests should be making themselves known by now. As you see from the last post Matthew is looking rather debonair!

abraham-lincoln-pictureI want to share some mud slinging the Chicago chapter has done on their Myspace page. Eamon has personally called out Sam Houston’s manhood by pointing out his lack of mustache. I didn’t want to do this BUT I would like point out the most famous Illinoisian? Illinoisite? Illinoisarian? No wait, Illinoiser? Hmm. Ah yes, Illannoying! The most famous Illannoyer was also sans stache. Abe ‘brush fire’ Lincoln! Abe, also known as the ‘Ringo’ of Mount Rushmore has been a beacon of inspiration for that authentic log cabin Amish look.

Although he did some great things I don’t think we would have wanted Abe’s bald philtrum at the Battle of San Jacinto. We’ll take Sam ’18 minute’ Houston any day!

Remember our much colder, much windier brothers to the north have challenged us to a stache off, let’s give em a gold ole Texas whuppin’


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