Look At That Progress – Photo of the Day

Hey Fellow Stachers

2073382093_060a157a03 I’d like to share with you one of our stache growers. Matthew has quite the lip fuzz going on in this photo, taken by Myspace photographer Sheffield Quigley. The two of them have come together to not any pay tribute to Super Mario but to also let you know that he means business! I’ve seen most of everyone’s progress so far and Matthew is definitely in the running for Sweetest Stache.

I know my face is itching like crazy and I keep telling myself it’s for the kids, and it is. I’m becoming more attached to my fantastic stache and I know I will be sad to see it go.

I’m afraid that these are the lonely days of mustache growing, the days our fathers never told us about. But hang in tight you furried little freaks because we are officially half way through our journey together!!!!!

Soon your upper lip will take on it’s own persona and let it I say. Embrace it! Adam Morrison has. He has taken the NBA back to it’s mustachioed glory days. He has pride in his stache, so should you!


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