Houston – We Have A Mustache

Last nights shaving day was a resounding success! This is the inaugural year for Mustaches for Kids in Texas and if the season is going to be anything like last night then we are in for one hell of a Grow!

Patron’s at the Stag’s Head were a little confused at the amount of men in the restroom waiting, with razors in hand, to claim their spot at the sink. There were many cuts and scrapes but we made it out alive. Last night we were cavemen and grunt we did!

We had some surprise additions and some faces were missing but all was good. The t-shirts were a hit as well. So much so that we managed to rope in 3 more guys at the bar. It was also suggested that we hit up JR’s for some sponsorship, we may just do that!



The Chicago chapter has thrown down the gauntlet and challenged us to a Mustache off. US! They claim that they can raise more money then us! US!

Listen Chicago this is TEXAS, Come And Get It!


3 Responses to Houston – We Have A Mustache

  1. Ed Schipul says:

    for the record. this is the first time 1) that I have been photographed in a bathroom by 2) another man while 3) shaving with 4) other men watching and 5) other bar patrons coming in, looking around, and QUICKLY leaving. Gee – thanks Jason!

  2. M4K Chicago says:

    Houston, we have a problem. That problem is the sweet, sweet sprouting of facial hair on faces of the Windy City.

    I can see we’ve chosen a worthy adversary. It’s not every Chapter that has the gumption to do live shaving. We ended up on the 10 o’clock news.

    While I am sure we’re going to plunge our dagger of dastardly stache success deep into the heart of Texas (watch out, the windy city rocks the mixed metaphor like nobody’s boat), I do say, dear chaps: should we band together again this Movember business?

  3. Snidely Whipstache says:

    This is gonna be more of a slaughter than the 2005 Sox/Astros World Series.

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