Mustache Season Announced

Deep in the ‘stache of Texas will soon be upon us. I have finalized our grow season and check point meetups. Our Check Points will be held at the Stag’s Head Pub

Stag’s Head Pub

2128 Portsmouth St.
Houston, Texas 77098

Mustache Meet & Greet
Thursday November 8 @ 7pm

Shaving Day
Thursday November 15 @ 7pm

Check Point #1
Tuesday November 20 @ 7pm

Check Point #2
Friday November 30 @ 7pm

Check Point #3
Friday December 7 @ 7pm

Sweet Stache Competition
Saturday December 15 @ 7pm

Remember growing a mustache can be a lonely endeavor and we will need each others encouragement so please make it out to all the check point meetings. Everyone is required to be present on Shaving day, either fully shaved or with a razor in hand ready to be shorn!

To participate please contact us here


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