Mustaches for Kids – Houston Chapter

Welcome to the Houston Chapter of Mustaches for Kids.

This new Houston chapter will follow in the footsteps of all the great chapters across the US and Canada.

Our ‘Growing Season’ will take place between Thanksgiving and Christmas and will culminate with the crowning of the Mustache King. During this four week period we will meet at a selected ‘Check Point’ to discuss and compare our amazing lip follicles. These meetings will serve as encouragement and also challenge us to will our hair to grow faster. From‘Checkpoints are weekly meetings at local watering holes that serve both practical and social purposes. Growing a Mustache can be a lonely endeavor, filled with moments of self-doubt. By providing a venue for Growers to interact, Checkpoints play a crucial role in strengthening the hairy bonds that hold us together.’

Below are excerpts taken from the guideline of M4K

Growing Season typically lasts for four weeks, roughly between Thanksgiving and Christmas. We have found that the holiday season, while a busy time of year, is one when charitable impulses are most likely to be acted upon. In addition, the increase in large-scale social events (office parties, family gatherings, etc) and alcoholic consumption during this time period provides a concentrated context for Mustache exposure and the solicitation of donations. We receive many inquiries about running fundraisers during other times of the year. While we always encourage the convergence Mustache growth and charity, we would like to emphasize the intangible appeal of following the standard Growing Season calendar. The we’re-in-this-together spirit that comes with having hundreds of partners-in-stache cannot be replicated during other times of the year.

That said, a typical Growing Season calendar might look something like this:

Week 1 Info session and meet-and-greet, in which chapter organizers recruit Growers and make themselves available to answer questions.
Week 2 Shaving Day. This is the official kickoff of Growing Season. Per Mustache growing rules, all participants must shave their ENTIRE FACES clean on this day.
Week 3 Checkpoint 1
Week 4 Checkpoint 2
Week 5: Checkpoint 3
Week 6 Sweetest Stache Competition


The Sweetest Stache Competition is the jewel in the Mustache crown, a chance for Growers to strut their stuff under the encouraging gaze of the general public. The Competition should be a festive event whose ultimate goal is to identify and honor the Sweetest Mustache. To that end, we suggest a pageantlike structure, complete with several rounds of competitions that test the Growers’ characters and personalities in addition to the merits of their Mustaches. Past rounds have included Q&A, touchability, pose-down/dance-off, and our signature event, the Beer Foam Retention Test.

We recommend selecting a panel of four to eight judges to adjudicate the proceedings. Judges should be thoroughly briefed about the elusive, and somewhat subjective, standards for determining Sweetness. We strive to find a balance between “the Mustache in itself” and “the Mustache and the Man”. Meaning, attention should be paid to the objective traits of the Mustache (size, thickness, etc.) but also to the way in which the Mustache contributes to the Grower’s character and demeanor. To that end, many Growers choose to dress in Mustache-enhancing costumes for the Competition. There is much debate in the Mustache community about whether such costumes detract from the purity of the judges’ analysis. We leave it to each chapter to determine the dress code for its Sweetest Stache Competition.

It is typical for three awards to be distributed at the Competition: top fundraiser, Sweetest Stache, and Worst Stache. Again, individual chapters may choose additional categories for recognition.

Check out the San Fran winner from last year – Giacomo ‘Peldi’ Guilizzoni

San Fran Winner


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